DIGITAL NATURE – The fascination of collecting nature in action ...

Sun-set, Gammel Skagen, Denmark, Danmark, Gl. Skagen, Solnedgangspladsen, Solnedgangen.

Colourful sunset at the Danish West-coast – unchanged through time and a great attraction to man and creatures.

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Explore nature's big and small wonders 

Bring it home.

A passion for naturalists and collectors through time.

In the old days with maps, guns, poison glasses, shovels.

Today with GPS, digital cameras and sound-recorders.

The "kick" from witnessing and collecting a nature's wonder is still the same.

And the cool feeling of leaving i all out there – intact – is the extra bonus of our - the collectors' - modern behavior.

Nuthatch - the alfa-male among the passerines when it comes to grabbing food

Nuthatch - the alpha male among the passerines at the garden feeder.

Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera Biblomst   - new and very rare i Denmark, only one site with 30 specimens ...

Bee Orchid
Ophrys apifera
Biblomst – new to Denmark and very rare, only one site with 30 specimens ...